Klip, the Finnish mobile dating app, merges with eCift to form a new group focused on social discovery

Klip, Finland’s leading video dating app, has merged with eCift, a large dating portal active in Turkey and Germany, to form a new group called Discotec Oy. Discotec Oy will focus on developing both its existing services, and launching new social discovery apps for the global market. The group is supported by 3TS Capital Partners, a leading European venture capital fund and eCift’s main owner, and Midealab, a Helsinki-based venture studio. Klip’s founders, Niko Porkka and Juho Oranen, will continue to lead the development of the group.

Klip is a Finnish dating app that brings user profiles to life with video. Klip stands out from other dating apps by providing users with a more genuine and personalized dating experience. Interesting and fresh user content makes it the first app to bring quality video and dating together. Klip’s goal is to become internationally recognized as the number one video-based dating application in the social discovery category.

“Nowadays young adults use a record-breaking amount of video content. They not only watch videos more than ever before, but they also produce them as part of their everyday communication. The use of videos is the rule rather than the exception in various communication apps, so we bring the same practices to the dating industry which has got stuck in swiping photos. Klip takes the entire dating category to a more social and realistic direction by diminishing the differences between digital and face-to-face meetings”, says one of Klip’s founders, Juho Oranen, who will start as Discotec’s Marketing Director, and continues: “The goal of Klip is to offer its users more experiences and genuine opportunities to meet new people. That’s why we have also created the dating app industry’s first event functionality which enables Klip’s users to look for nearby events in which other users participate as well. These events may include concerts, festivals, fairs, art exhibitions, club or restaurant events or dancing events, for instance. It’s natural to meet like-minded people in public events, and Klip brings a completely new app-based opportunity for this.

eCift is a traditional user profile-based dating service that was founded in 2009 and primarily operates in Turkey and Germany. eCift has more than 6 million registered users in these countries, and the average age of the users is around 35 years.

In addition to Klip and eCift, Discotec will develop new mobile services in the social discovery category. Discotec’s plans for 2018 and 2019 include introducing its current products to new markets as well as developing new products. The offices of Discotec, which currently employs 25 people, are located in Helsinki, Istanbul and Lviv, Ukraine.

3TS Capital Partners, eCift’s main owner, was the first capital investment fund in Central and Eastern Europe to focus on companies in the technology, media and telecommunication industries.

“The addition of Klip provides us with strategic know-how and unique technology specialised in developing dating apps in particular. Klip has developed a completely novel product that stands out in the international competition of the rapidly growing social discovery category. The combination of Klip and eCift provides the new group with even better resources than before and innovative know-how to help develop the already popular eCift and Klip services, and innovate new social discovery services for the global market”, tells Pekka Mäki, Managing Director of 3TS Capital Partners.

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For more information please contact: Juho Oranen, juho@discotec.io, +358503099880



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